Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dobrá Čajovna, Tea House 23/11/08 Days 129-131

Day 129-131 (slide show)

I woke to more snow today and heavy snow too. I don’t think there will be any bike riding for awhile. I’m trying to eat properly and working out 5 times a week but I worry it won’t be enough when the riding season comes. Right now my weight is 166 which is just about right. I was 150 to 155 when I arrived in Prague and that was to thin. I found a scale at a thrift store so now I can monitor my weight better. I think this winter is going to be long and cold. Not much happening today but I did attend a tea tasting party at a really nice Tea House named Dobrá Čajovna. I learned a lot about tea from many parts of the world and something I didn’t know is that Prague has had tea houses for over 500 years. It is quite a science with many different nuances. This tea experience was a special event and the owner let us come before opening hours so we would have the place for ourselves. I had an interesting day but I’m a coffee guy and it would be hard for me to switch I think.

On day 130 I stayed in and tried to figure out the Photo bucket application on this blog. I’ve hated the slide show app and after a few trial and errors, with a bit of pounding on the keyboard I think I solved it. My friend Nikolas who climbed Mount Olympus with me sent me a note about the posts of the climb. He was having trouble controlling the speed of the slide shows and it bothered me to think of my friend being frustrated. I have fixed the problem I hope. So Nicholas if you read this let me if things are better now.

I’m working on a slight change of plans in the “Round the World” trip. I had always planed to fly to Los Angeles after cycling around Central Europe, leaving sometime in Late July. I looking now at sending my bikes and gear back to an east coast port and flying there. After retrieving my stuff at that port I will buy a van or camper truck and drive across the country taking a northern route through Canada and the western states. I’m working on this and will let you know how it turns out. Flying would be such a bummer when I could drive it and see the country at a much slower pace. It’s a Bold and Audacious way to finish the journey.

On Day 131 the weather was strange and a little warmer. I was all set to go into the city to run errands when the sun came out. I jumped on Betsy for a ride but it was a bust. I need to watch out for these sucker days. You know who the sucker is. I got out there and rode down the hill only to find ice in every shady spot. I almost dumped poor Betsy and could have really hurt myself. Going down hill on ice is not a lot of fun. I was able to find a dry spot on the other side of the road to come back up but this was a mistake. I see some of the Czech riders out in this stuff but there on mountain bikes with big knobby tires. I wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t fallen a few times too. Enough of this I thought and I headed into the city a little late.

I pounded out the second day of the Mount Olympus climb tonight. It took until about 2am. I wasn’t watching the time. I just kept righting away and when I finished I was surprised when I looked at my watch. I had such a good time on that climb it was fun to relive it. Now I need to get my Greek friends to approve it. I hope Nikolas and Mr. C. like it.