Monday, December 8, 2008

It’s just like riding a bike 8/12/08 Day 144

Day 144 (slide show)

Well I couldn’t make it in to the ski shop last night or this morning. The shop is on the lower side of the valley and I’m staying on the upper side of course. The only thing about this place that needs some help is the bus system. The traffic clogs things up so the buses don’t really have a schedule after 8am. I’m getting used to the Italian language so maybe after a few days I’ll figure out this transportation thing. Besides other then having a sore ankle bone on my left heal I’m getting used to this equipment. It all starts to come back to you pretty fast.

The weather report has the new snow coming tomorrow now so I will change after skiing today. I meet some Yankee’s from Vermont yesterday and we were talking about this mountain as opposed to the resorts in the states. We all liked this place but it got me thinking about all the different resorts I’ve been to. The Vermont folks had only skied in the East and my experience was only in the West. It was interesting that we all liked this place. I think the snow has a lot to do with it. We all caught a great week to be here. If there wasn’t much snow then I’m not sure it would be as fun.

Today I skied on the other side of the valley, called Mottolino. I think I like it a little better. The elevation isn’t as high but the slopes are facing more to the north. The snow is just a little crisper even late in the afternoon.

Today is Monday and it seems there is a school holiday today but the weekend people are leaving and that will make for a nice week. The word is this storm that is coming is going to drop a lot of snow. I am going to change this equipment for some powder skies.