Friday, March 6, 2009

Skiing Switzerland, Flims/LAAX 6/3/09 Day 232

Day 232 (Slide show)

Well I’m off to Switzerland. This whole trip came together very fast. My friend Andrew contacted me a couple of days ago and asked if I wanted to go but he wasn’t sure when. The timing wasn’t looking good, he said. Then last night he sent me a message saying to meet him at the metro station at 7:00 AM. It took me about an hour to get ready.

The place is called Flims/LAAX which is in East/Central Switzerland. As I found out later it is just south of Liechtenstein even though we only drove by the country it was kind of cool. We are planning on a week of skiing and I don’t know much about the plan, Andrew seems to have it worked out.

He showed up about 45 min late which left me in the cold but when I found out what happened I wasn’t so upset. It seems he was eating his breakfast and somehow broke a back tooth. He was in some pain when he arrived. I felt bad for him as he tried to keep me from seeing how much it hurt. We drove all day with a couple of stops for gas and just when he was starting to feel better he bought some bread with some kind of seeds on it. You know the rest I’m sure. Yes, he took two bites and a seed lodged in the broken tooth. It took an hour to dig it out with a toothpick. Not a good start to our trip.

We made it around 7PM to the home of some friends of Andrew’s. These folks had let Andrew stay at their home the year before. This was a very nice couple, older then I, which is amazing. I thought I was the oldest person on the planet but I guess not. After a nice dinner and conversation I crashed early. I plan to get to the slope early to rent some equipment and see what this mountain has to offer. Andrew tells me it is a great place.