Friday, December 12, 2008

Last Ski Day, Livigno, Italy 12/12/08 Day 148

Day 148 (slide show) (Video)

Well the last day of skiing here in Livigno, Italy. Today it’s snowing and a white out but as I have said, I like it like this. There was another 6 in. was I left the condo this morning. The temperature is a bit colder again, it’s about 6 C for the daytime high but last night it got down to 12 C. The snow removal folks are having a hard time keeping up with it all. Andrew and I were skiing on the same side today but we split up for a few hours during mid day. I am very tired but having a great time. Andrew isn’t happy it’s over but I could use a few days of rest. That’s what happens when your old I guess. I like this "Piste" off the gondola because it is so long. As long as there isn’t a line on it I think it gives you more time on the slope. Andrew likes some of the chairs but the best chairs are still closed due to avalanche danger. So we decided to meet up for lunch. I made 8 or 9 runs before we meet and I was exhausted.

We went in for lunch we sat next to a big party of Polish folks. They were a lot of fun. We talked about many things but they were getting a bit loud so we took off to make our last few runs of the trip. I asked Andrew to get a few shots of my form so I could get a look at what I’m doing. After 23 years away I feel good about how it’s going but I still have a few problems with my weight transfer. I feel like I’m not sitting enough. That’s always how it goes; you figure it out on the last day.

I needed to return my skis to the rental shop so I called it quits at about 3:30. They were very nice there and the charge was 115.00€. That’s about 20.00€ less then expected. I like that.

After a long walk back to the condo I found Andrew cooking up the last of our food. He likes to cook and we had a nice pasta dish that was very good. I’m starting to pack up some of my things now and we will be heading back to Prague tomorrow. It was a great day to end a great ski trip.