Thursday, December 18, 2008

“Flash Mob Pillow Fight in Prague” 18/12/08 Day 154

Day 154 (Slide show)

The last few days have I’ve been in recovery mode. I did get back to get the cucumbers though. I decided to shop somewhere else. Most of my time is spent working on this blog. I can’t believe how much work it is. (Special Note: I’m trying to catch up but I can’t seem to stop time. I need to solve this problem.)

The holidays are coming and I’m already looking forward to them being over. I know that might sound strange to some but I can’t remember the last good season I’ve had so the sooner there over the better.

On the Couchsurfing site the other day there was a post about a thing called “Flash Mob.” The announcement was about a “Pillow Fight” being planned for the Old Town Square tonight (Staroměsté náměsti). This is a web thing and is quite amazing. It is only planned through various low level web sites like CS. The idea is to all meet at a designated place and at a specific time, in this case the pillows come out and everyone starts swinging. Another one I heard about was in Grand Central Station in NYC. This one was a little different and the idea was have everyone freeze at the same time and don’t move for three minutes no matter what happens. It’s very funny to watch the reaction on You Tube.

The pillow fight in Prague went on I guess for about 15 min. I would see people start to leave and then it would flair up again. A small group would start up and it would spread I guess until all the pillows were ripped up. The poor tourists that were caught in the middle probably though they were in a riot.

Afterwards I walked around the city for a bit with some friends and discovered this library with a great piece of book art. When you see the pictures in the slide show you will be amazed.

I’m just chilling out these past few days waiting for spring to come. I fear it will be a long time from now.