Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Porters Progress of Nepal 5/08/08 Day 19

Day 19 (slide show)
Yes, today I was able to find a computer that would download a few pictures. I'm way behind and I'm sorry to those of you who are watching this. But I have some pic's in photo bucket but now the trouble is getting them onto the blog. The speed is slow that it just keeps stalling. I'm trying though. I went exploring into Kathmandu today and meet other Couch Surfer's. Their everywhere. What a great group. Today I gave Arjun my donation of 150.00 to the Porters Progress of Nepal. He had asked me to stay at his house in return I would donate the room charge that I would have paid. Its a good group and I get a chance to make new friends here. They sure need the money. My 150.00 is going to save them from getting kicked out of their office. It seemed I arrived just in time. a few dollars sure goes a long way here. Check out their website at www.portersprogressnepal.org