Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Khumjung to Namche Bazaar Day 33 19/08/08

Day 33 (slide show)
Another long 7hr trek down today with rain and wind for the last 3hrs. I'm so tired. Its hard to write much about this day because it was so hard. My knees and feet hurt. Last night I noticed that I've got some problems with my forth toe on the right foot and my left Big toe. The nails are going to come off soon. Its from jamming into the ends of my boots. We left around 7am which put us into Namche Bazaar around 3:30pm. Long day. When we were going up we did this section in two days. We all made it and it is nice to have the day over. I didn't take to many photo's today it seemed like we were moving to fast. We arrived at the same tea house that we had been in before when we were here in Namche. There were a group a trekkers in the dinning area when we entered. They were on there way up. These folks were with Intrepid Adventures and were also a group of 12. The expression on there faces told it all. We came in all haggard and sun burned, limping and dirty. They were fresh and excited, full of energy. As I sat down I thought to myself we must have looked like that when we were here. After some introductions Paul and I were asked by a few of them what they could expect. We said "try not to get sick and watch your step so you don't fall down." We also told them to get to the bakery and get some good bread before they leave. They said their guide had all that taken care of. They even let their guides fill their water bottles in the back room. I warned them of this but they didn't see a problem. Sounds like they trust the guide to much. As we told them they didn't want to believe us. It was funny. I kept thinking I wish I could have talked to someone who was coming down at that point of the trip. I would have asked what base camp looks like and how far up the glacier it was. It turns out that this group paid a little more the half of the amount I paid. O' well live and learn. Later that night Paul and I went to a "Billiard Room" the sign said. I don't know about that. There was a pool table but the felt on top had to be taped with duck tape and there was no 8 ball. This was substituted with another Que ball which is larger then the other ones. It cost 50 rupees per game I think. It wasn't so bad though when you consider that the whole table was carried by some poor Nepali Porter. For some reason it didn't fill right so we left after one game. I think I turned in at around 8pm that night.
I can't stop thinking what Greece will be like. I'm ready for the next segment of my trip.