Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hong Kong to Kathmandu 3/08/08 Day 17

Day 17 (slide show)
Didn't arrive until 1am last night. Nice Hotel but won't be able to enjoy it. This whole trip I have been disappointed with the schedules. Anyway I saw the Eclipse. Off to Kathmandu. Today more flying time. I contacted Arjun and Couch surfer in Kathmandu and he will meet me at the airport. Nice Guy. How many people do you know that would meet you for an airport pickup at midnight. The flight in Hong Kong was long and my allergies got me on the plane. Of course the airport security took my nasal spray. Bastards. I made a mistake in HK. I changed over all my currencies, three-HK, Pakistani, Chinese, to Sterling Pounds as soon as I got there. I thought this was a good idea because I didn't know how much time it would take to find the gate and make the transfer. It turns out I didn't have much time with a new set of security checks but I had about 20 min. to spare. I got hungry so I went to a sandwich place. They wouldn't take pounds. Bastards. Somethings Wrong.

Special note: Check out the nice pictures from my friend Tom Damon. The Silk Road Tour
Thanks Tom