Monday, September 29, 2008

I don’t feel like being a tourist right now 29/09/08 Day 74

Day 74 (slide show)

I think I’m still fighting that same cold. I stayed in last night and I’m taking it easy on the drinking. I am surprised how much people drink here. The beer is so cheap and the attitude is drink all night for tomorrow you die. It’s amazing they can work the next day. For me two or three of these Bohemian Beers and I’m ready to crash. I have been sticking to wine, that way I can know exactly how much I’ve had. I have a hard time staying out past midnight.

Finding out the temperature around here is difficult to. My watch has a thermometer on it but it’s not accurate on my wrist. If I take it off and set it aside for a few minutes I get a good reading but can’t do that all the time. I usually find out the temperature after I’ve gone out and get to the cybercafé. I’m finding it hard to dress properly, I ether ware to much or not enough. It sure will be nice to get my computer again. I don’t miss a phone at all but the computer is different. I think I called it “Bit Withdrawals” back in China and I’m sticking with that.

It’s getting expensive to keep buying a daily transit pass and I heard of a monthly pass which would save me money. I’m trying to find the place that sells them but I keep getting the run around. I have been to three Metro stations and each one tells me to go to a different one. The language is the biggest problem but the arrogance here by public employees is horrendous. There is still a lot of the communist attitude left here. It’s at the markets and stores too. It’s nothing for them to snub you for no reason. Customer service is hard to find in any language. I’m a little pissed off right now because I’m in the metro station and they just shinned me again. I try to be nice but it doesn’t work. I think I’ve lost my Mojo. I need to find out where it went.

I got another extension on my room again but I think it will be the last. I have to find an apartment fast. My bikes and gear won’t be here for a few weeks but I have to stop spending so much money. I can’t keep paying for daly lodging. Everyday I must spend several hours working on a place to stay. This is tough but I’ve done it before. I know a few tricks and tomorrow I will make a note of some of them. It’s all about getting the opportunity to put a deposit down.

I took a few pictures today but they are not that good. I’m having a hard time being a tourist right now. So much on my mind and mentally I need to prepare myself for a long winter. I’m not ready yet to second guess myself on choosing Prague as my winter stop but I’m thinking about it. Maybe tomorrow I will go to that little village where the festival was. I might just get a room there. At least it will be a nice break.