Sunday, August 31, 2008

Finding my way to Mt. Olympus Day 45 31/08/08

Day 45 (slide show)
I didn't do much today at least in the morning. At noon I did meet up with another nice Couch Surfer named Theadora Patsi and some friends of hers. She had all kinds of information about Mt. Olympus. She has been there many times and is a rock climber to. She told me all about her month long adventure climbing all over the western US from Seattle to Los Vegas. She had the same words of advise about Albania though. Dora, as she is known, had a list of the phone numbers and operators of the Refuges there called. It seems that their are several buildings or Lodges as we would call them run by different climbing clubs in Greece but the main lodge which sleeps over 150 people is owned by a family and has been for many years. She told me their name but I can't remember it. So I think I can make this work. Take the train to the mountain and see what happens. Some how I would have to stop off at Delphi though but that's possible. I can camp right outside there, then a couple of days hitchhiking and a few train stops, no problem. I guess I have a few details to work out but for the first time I know now that I can make it happen. I was thinking I would stay with Dora and her friends for a few hours then see the ruins of the Zeus Temple. As usual in Greece once you sit at a nice outdoor restaurant for lunch it turns into an all day affair. Sorry Zeus Temple. Tomorrow I will get my Credit Card and then I can start packing. This is going to be hard. I need to get rid of a lot of stuff. My ordinal plan was to leave this with friends as I go and arrive in Prague with only what I can carry. You see I have planned this for many months. I have new gear and clothing ready to ship and if I calculate correctly it will be in Prague a few weeks after I arrive and get set up. This is the plan. I planned on leaving several items with my friend in Kathmandu, Khrishna but because we couldn't connect on the last day I just threw everything in my big rolling duffel bag. Now I have to deal with the same question. What do I leave behind. It is raining here today. A real nice summer rain, but it will be cold on the mountain. How can I carry everything I need to get me to Prague. I'll bet my friend Alex from REI would know. He is the best I've seen at packing light. I remember talking to him about all the variables. I always ask what if and he asks why. What would you take. O' and by the way. Sorry but the pic's were lean today. I saw this printing press in the morning then forgot to take any more pictures. I don't know why.