Sunday, October 5, 2008

Whining and complaining, what me? 5/10/08 Day 80-81

Day 80, 81 (slide show)

When you ride the train/tram around here you should always hold on to something. This morning I happen to board at the front of the car and this pedestrian dude just waked right out in front of the tram. The driver had to slam on the breaks to miss him; it threw three people down on the floor. One was a lady with a couple of bags but no one was hurt. I see people get on these things all the time and never hold on to anything, but most of the time its young people trying to act cool. You won’t see me doing that after this experience.

I was checking my email today and my friend Thomas Damon from the China section of my trip sent me a note to tell me he had checked out my blog. I like it when folks let me know they are looking at this because it is a lot of work. He said he could tell I was having a good time because I wasn’t complaining a lot. I noticed this a few weeks ago when the Brit’s slammed me. I guess that’s what it seems like but I didn’t see it that way at the time and I’m writing these blog posts straight from my daily log book. It seems I had the strange notion that I was warning future travelers of things that I felt weren’t the way I thought they should be. I felt if I was paying for a service I should get what I paid for. If I don’t get the value for my money I fell I should warn others of the experience. But after reviewing some of my earlier post I see I over did it a few times. Sorry for that. But that’s me and you know what, it’s my story. I’ve always been a whiner and complainer, and now that I’ve got that off my chest I’m going to do it again. So you folks that are reading this for the first time you might want to X out now. Otherwise read on and get use to it.

I went by Miro’s place for a beer to see what was going on. He just got a new guitar from a friend for 3000Kz. It is very nice and was fun to hear him playing it. He was joking around a little later making like he was a Mexican. He plays well too. I asked him how many guitars he has “A few” he said.

By the way I got ready to move into my new flat today. Yea.

On day 81 I got up early so I could get to the bank when it opened. I needed to get a check to pay my first months rent and deposit. This was a Citibank branch here in Prague. I don’t know why they wouldn’t help me, it wasn’t a language thing they just said that their bank was not a Citibank but a Czech Citibank. I laughed when they said that, I couldn’t help telling them that I had heard the same statement from the Citibank in Athens. So here is a warning to all who give a shit. Citibank sells the fact that they are an international bank but it’s only in name. There are NOT any services I can find around the world where they work together. These folks are good at passing the problem to someone else. So back to the problem, no check but I was able to get enough cash from the ATM to cover what I needed. There was a 3point charge for withdrawing my own money by the way.

After getting back to my hotel where by the way they wanted me out by 10AM, I decided I needed to make two trips because of the 4 pieces of baggage I had. I was carrying a back pack, a front pack, a carry bag and the “Wheely Beast.” Way too much for one trip. You don’t want to carry that much on the trams because they can be crowded. By 5PM I had everything in my new place. It was nice to unpack in a place where I knew I would be for longer then a few days. It’s a good place and I think it will work out fine. My roommate seems to be a nice guy, he’s from Chicago. I’ve been living out of a pack for 80 days. It’s hard to believe. I don’t have any linen for the bed but my sleeping bag is just fine. I know I will sleep well tonight.