Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gulmet and the Hunza Valley 26/07/08 Day 9

Day 9 (slide show)
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About 2 to 3 am I felt like I was turning the corner on the cold, well I will have to see how it goes. I got up early and Tom and I walked to a suspension bridge that was about 1/2 mile away. It was very old and dilapidated. We were told later that it is used everyday now by women to take vegetables to the other side. I walked out about 60 ft. but Tom wouldn't go so he took the pictures. I also found some time to get in a little jog. The village of Gulmet is about 8700 ft. Gulmet is about 20 km from Gulgit. I've been getting soft and I can fell it. I need to do some serious running and hiking in order to get into shape for Base Camp. Now for another 5 hours in the damn bus. We all complained of the size so the added a van but it was designed for midgets. We meet another group from The Planetary Society who are going to the eclipse and they heard that there might be 200,000 people along a very small line in northern China. Sounds like it could be Woodstock again. There are no services and the zone is in the middle of nowhere. Stayed at the Hotel Serena in Gulgit and there were a lot of military everywhere. No women, strange. Big news. I had told the local guide that I wanted to ride a Yak or a horse so he set up a complete polo match with the local polo team just for us. Then they let me ride a polo pony during the half time. There were over 100 people there and he even had the band play as I rode up and down the field. It was great. Good horses too. The pictures will follow soon.



It is Gulmit or Gelmit?? I think it is Gulmit, coz the picture you put of the top is Gulmit suspention bridge..

Pipeline Pirate said...

Thanks Karim,

I changed as many as I could find. Please if you find any others let me know. I assume that Gulgit is correct also.
That was sure a fun day.
Love your country.