Friday, August 15, 2008

Pheriche, Nepal 15/08/08 Day 29

Day 29 (slide show)
The temperature this morning is 7 C. Its cold and no there isn't any heat for us. Were are staying an extra day here to acclimate to the altitude. That's a good idea. You can feel the lack of oxygen. Last night I woke feeling like I was drowning. I told Paul about this and he said he could feel the altitude also. Paul and I are starting to get along pretty good. Last night he made a point to invite me to play in a group question and answer game with the Brit's before turning in. It was the first time I had been invited to participate. It was pretty fun but didn't last long. Sometimes I can't tell what they are saying because of there accent. This morning is one of the few mornings where we had a clear sky. The peaks were beautiful and the air was crisp. This makes for some great photo's. The guide didn't make sure that all of us knew we were leaving so soon again. I asked him to keep me informed but I think he tells some of the Brit's whats up but if I'm not standing right there I don't here about it. I told him not to do it again and he just turned away from me. I wasn't the only one that came running out late this time either. Anyway I didn't get a chance to get my boots tied right so of course right away my blister got a lot worse. I was told last night that we would go for 500m and if we didn't fill like going that was alright. I almost walked back in right away. But I didn't and keep going even though I could feel the heat from the blister. Well as I'm climbing and getting mad I decided to stop when I got to 15,000 ft. When I did you would have thought I was some kind of mutineer. Our guide was all surprised and I told him I had a blister problem earlier but for some reason he didn't like that answer. He looked at me with a smirk look like I was having some kind of altitude problem. I didn't have anything to prove on a stupid climb like this and I certainly don't have anything to prove to the Brit's. My watch said 15,022 so I stopped and told them I would wait there. They all went on for about 100m more. One good thing was that the guide asked his assistant to stay with me and we started talking for the first time. I brought out my binoculars and we took turns looking at all the farm houses below. He seems like a nice guy. I'm back in my room now and my heal is pretty bad. Two blisters one on the other. I will need to do something about this or I won't make it. My duck tape won't go on top of the blister's so that's out. It's about 5pm now and I'm going to rest and clean this blister up.
Note: These guides are comical. They remind me of some sheep herder dogs I've seen. If you get out of position then they snap at your heals to get you back in position.