Monday, September 8, 2008

Lying low in Katerini, need to heal up 80/09/08 Day 53

Day 53

I woke early, about 6am as usual. As I looked around it started to dawn on me where I was. “Oh I remember” I thought. I had fellen asleep around 9pm the night before so it was time to get moving. I started to get up and I couldn’t. I felt like I was one of those Zombie’s who know there not dead but they really are. Could it all have been a dream? I actually forced myself to roll out of the bed and onto my knees, I was hurting. Trying to stand was very painful. After about a half hour of morning and groaning I was dressed and ready to find something to eat. As I walked out of the room I realized another thing I was on the third floor and I couldn’t find the elevator so I started down the stairs. This wasn’t a good idea. I had to grab the handrail with both hands and almost crawl.

When I arrived at the front desk I was reminded that I need to check out. I actually did remember that they only had a room for one night but I was hoping I could sneak past them and not have to worry about. I wasn’t in any shape to go looking around a strange place for somewhere to through my bag. But this is just another thing to deal with. “Go ahead and pile on” I thought. First I have to get something to eat. Where a diner?

I was hobbling around this city square area and spotted a “Web Café” which looked great. They were just opening and I went in to check it out. It looked like a game shop with several rows of computers but there were only a few folks there so I sat down. I needed to find a bed. I was searching for about an hour and then this guy comes over and asked if I needed help. It must have been my decrepit look and he felt sorry for me. I told him I was being evicted from the hotel and needed a place. We talked for a moment and then he said “come with me.”

He took me down to a smaller hotel called the Olympian and went right in to talk to the clerk. He got me a room for less and at a nicer place. He told me that he owned the Web café and he just thought I needed some help. His name was Constantinos. Now this might be a common name but what are the odds, my friend on the mountain and this guy both with the same name. What luck, the Gods are still looking out for me.

The Olympian set me up with a laundry shop and I found a place for something to eat. Now I will lay low for a few days and heal up.

Note: I got an email from my two friends, Constantinos and Nikolas and they couldn’t walk either. It must have been a tough day at work that day.


Sorry no pictures today. I’m hurting to bad.