Monday, September 22, 2008

His name is "Miro" 22/09/08 Day 67

Day 67 (slide show)

I have some antibiotics with me that I’m not quite sure will work but I took a chance and eat one yesterday afternoon and I feel a little better today. I think I can make it to the train station alright. If I can get on the train I can sleep and relax for the six hour ride too Prague. I keep wondering what will happen in the city I based my whole trip around. Will I be lucky or have nothing but problems? It’s so cold and all I have is a hooded jacket and ski hat. I’m so glad I went back to the airport in Athens and rescued these two pieces of clothing. I don’t know what I would have done without them. A few days ago I emailed the shipping company to ship my bag to Prague and the timing couldn’t be better. I should be able to pick it up tomorrow if all goes well. I’m writing this while I’m on the train and it’s nice to relax. I had a good time in Vienna even though I was sick and I’m glad I stopped there. I don’t think I will return though it’s too expensive.

I arrived in Prague around 3PM today and secured my lodging in a district named Zizkof. It’s another Pension that is expensive but not as bad as Vienna. I did get ripped off at the train station by a so called travel information desk. They are not as helpful as Vienna. I cleaned up and thought I would check out the area before it was too late. As I walked around it seemed dark and grey compared to Vienna. Like colder but not in the temperature since, just the feeling. I found a little bar where the bartender was a fan of Jazz and Johnny Cash. It seemed like a good combination. He was very nice to me in between serving others. He is from Slovenia and I don’t speak Slavic and his English was limited but we had a good time. His name was Richard; at least that’s what he said. Then all of a sudden here comes 6 guys’ from Hungry. They were very laud and it turned into a very funny experience between Richard and I trying to speak to these Hungarian guy’s. Richard didn’t speak any Hungarian and they didn’t speak any English but before long we were all buying each other a beer. Even Richard had one, it was great.

I had asked the clerk at the pension where to have dinner and he recommended a place across the street so after about an hour with the Hungarians and Richard I was ready for something to eat.

It was about 7PM when I walked into the place. As I opened the door I caught a great smell of the food and could hear the music playing. There were a few folks in there but the place could only hold 25 to 30. I sat and slapped a coaster down on the table, that’s what you do when you want a beer around here. So this guy comes over and asked me what I wanted “Beer and Goulash” I said. I liked this guy right off. His English was pretty good and we started talking about the art work on the walls. “That’s mine” he said. As I looked around a little closer I could see that there were several paintings that he did. One I particularly liked which was of a “Mexican Hombre”. “Have you ever been to Mexico” I asked. He shrugged as he walked away to wait on another table. Another patron leaned over to me and in broken English said” He always paints people with a cigarette.” I didn’t notice this but I really liked the work. Then a great tune from Deep Purple started playing on the music system. I told him I liked this tune and he said “You like Child in Time” I nodded as he walked away again. As I was eating this Czech Goulash he would stop at my table to chat while he waited on the other customers. I was finishing up and he came over and said “I want to sketch you, OK.” I said “Alright” but he was already gone. He came back in a few

Minutes with a handful of charcoal and a large drawing pad. In 2 minutes he sketched the illustration you see then went on to wait on tables. When I saw this rendition of myself I got scared. I didn’t realize I had lost so much weight. I need to weight myself I thought. I grabbed a picture of the sketch before leaving and told him I would be back. This was the place where I meet one of the most talented artist I think I’ve ever meet in person. He play’s Mozart on the piano, is an excellent painter, can sketch a person in seconds and plays guitar. All while waiting tables. I leaned over to the guy next to me and asked, "What’s his name" he said,

His name is Miro. (Me’ro)