Monday, September 1, 2008

Athens and my trek to the Laundry Day 46 01/09/08

Day 46
I’m off today to get my laundry done. I ask the lady at the counter of the hostel “do you have a laundry service around here” she smiled and got out the map. It’s about a 30 minute walk. Wow. It’s in an area where I need to pick up some maps and I’m still looking for a can of fuel for my stove. I’m finding that this might be difficult. I left early so I could take some morning pictures but I keep getting lost. It’s hard to think of getting pictures when I can’t find the street names but I like Athens in the early morning though. I finally found the laundry and dropped off my clothes which would take about 2 hours so I set off for the map store where I can buy a good map of Mt Olympus. It looked close on the tourist map but I spent some time trying to find it. It is tucked back into a business office. I didn’t find a small backpacking map but I did buy a larger 1:25.000 map. After getting my laundry I was tired and it was getting hot. I headed for my room and the air conditioning. It’s turning out to be a tough day. I arrived at my room around 1pm and no air conditioning, it went out. “Something’s Wrong” (Junior Watson) What a bummer, it’s hot. I tried to sweet it out through the afternoon then I went with my new friend Elpida for a bite to eat and she helped me find some supplies. The one thing I needed the most was a can of fuel. I can’t cook anything while camping without it. The evening cooled down and Elpida was great to help me. We walked around the town a little stopping in for a beer here and there. We found the fuel cans and I bought two. If I’m going to be camping all the way up the Adriatic Coast I might not found another one. I got back to my hot room about 10pm and there was a message from Mahe. It seems the friend she introduced me to the other night wants to go with me to climb Olympus. His name is Constantinos Gofas. Great news, I’ll find out more tomorrow.