Thursday, October 2, 2008

Brandy’s nad Labem-Stara Boleslav. 02/10/08 Days 75-77

Day 75-77 (slide show)

I felt like I needed to do something different so I thought I would try a trip back out to Brandy’s nad Labem-Stara Boleslav. I really liked the place at least what I saw of it and it would be fun to see if I can navigate my way back there. I won’t have my friend Roman to help me this time. When I was here last Saturday it was just about dark so this little adventure will be a good one. I want to see if I can move there. I need to see if there is a hostel or pension that I can move into while I look for a place of my own.

I made all the connections all right but I found out after arriving that if I miss the 2PM bus I won’t get back to the metro until 6PM. That doesn’t sit to well because then I would be very isolated out here. It sure is nice though, with the river and Reservoir right here. The old Church’s and other buildings are beautiful but I think it would be necessary to have a car here.

I have been all through the village called Brandy’s which is the first one you enter upon arriving but I can’t find anyone that speaks English. I have stopped at two lodging options and it’s hard to communicate. As I worked my way to the other village, Stara Boleslav on the other side of the river it was worse. Another thing is that the folks here are rude. I ask if they speak English and it’s like I have the plague or something. I stopped at a coffee shop where no one was in the place and they couldn’t get me out fast enough.

This idea to stay here isn’t working very well I guess. As for the prices for lodging they seem to be about the same as Prague so it isn’t looking good to stay all the way out here and have to pay the same price. It sure is a pretty place though.

It was a good scouting mission but it’s a BUST. I sure have a hard time finding a place but maybe tomorrow. If I could get over this cold it sure would help, I have a hard time putting all my energy into what I have to do.

On the 1st I didn’t feel good at all. I was really hoping to scourer the city for an apartment or flat so I can get out of paying this daily fee crap. The weather is cold and windy but I have to go out and look around. I put on the warmest things I have and set out for the only laundry mate I think from here to Innsbruck. I can’t believe there aren’t more laundry mates around this part of the world. By this laundry is a broker that will find you a flat for a fee. I don’t want to use them but it wouldn’t hurt to see what they offer. Also in that area is a restaurant that serves a great tomato salad. It’s not a Greek salad but it will do.

The laundry went well and lunch was very good, I went for the soup instead, but the broker didn’t pan out very well. I spent about 3 hours at the cybercafé then started to feel poorly again so I called it a day.

On the 2nd I still haven’t kicked this cold yet. Its cold outside which makes it hard to get better when I have to go out to look for a place to live. I’ve put some notices out on a web board but I don’t expect much from it. I’m going to have to extend my stay again here at this damn pension. I hope they let me. One good thing happened today; I finally received my Citibank Credit Card from those jerks. I had my card stolen on Day 21 and here it is Day 77. It’s unbelievable. I’m sure glad I don’t pay a single dime to those bastards in interest or fees. They don’t deserve it. I feel bad though that my son Levi had to do all this running around for me to solve the problem and in the end everything he did they screwed up on. It’s good to have that behind me. It feels like I’m in a survival mode and I’m not doing a very good job of it. It’s tough going. Again I have no Pictures, hard to even notice any shots out there. I carry my camera all the time too. It’s kind of funny to come back to the room at the end of the day and realize that I haven’t taken a single picture.