Sunday, September 21, 2008

Museum treking in Vienna 21/09/08 Day 66

Day 66 (slide show)
Well it’s very cold today. Colder then yesterday and I didn’t do very well walking around this city. I am coming down with a cold, actually no I have a cold I’m sure of it now. I hope I don’t catch one of those cold’s that lasts a week long, they always knock the shit out of me. My watch says about 7C and a light rain with wind. Even though I felt terrible I have to go out and see a few of these great museums. I’ll be a tourist today and take it easy. I set out for the Van Gogh exhibition at the Albertina museum. I took a tram instead of walking in order to stay warmer. As I got there I realized I was at the same location where I had got my room reservation. It was funny I didn’t notice it before. The Mozart café and the building where the Tourist office is at are in the same area as the Albertina.
It is so cold when the wind blows. I wish I had a coat.
A line was developing as I arrived so I decided to walk around a little to see some of the buildings and then I ran across this actor standing on a pedestal dressed up as Mozart. When you put some money in his tray he would whistle a Mozart tune for you. Even though it was so cold he could pucker up those lips and whistles every time. I was amazed at the way he would stay out on pedestal in the cold.
It was a bad idea to not get in line for the Van Gogh exhibition right away. I didn’t realize it was Sunday. Now the line is real long so I’m going to go to the Wien museum, I hear it is a good one.
This is a museum of the history of Vienna and it is great. It’s a large place and has three floors. The first floor is about early history, before 800AD. Then the second floor is 800AD to 1400AD. Then the third takes you to the present. There is a lot of interesting history of invading Turks and other battles. It seems the city was always under some kind of siege.
I was feeling worse so I decided to head back to the Pension and as I walked by the actor playing Mozart he was still there bringing in the coin. It’s been almost five hours now, I’m impressed.
I got to the Albertina and the line was about the same but I decided to try it. I had to stand in the rain for about ½ hour but I made it in. Unfortunately no pictures were allowed but I am so glad I stopped. They have 140 of 151 of Van Gogh’s paintings and illustrations all in the same place. It was a little crowded but well worth the effort. Afterward I headed back to my room as fast as I could and took a hot shower, drank some orange juice and fell a sleep. I hope for a better day tomorrow.