Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pheriche, Nepal 14/08/08 Day 28

Day 28 (slide show)
I sleep very well for some reason. I must have been very tired. After a light breakfast we started out for another 6hr day of trekking. I dressed up my heal a little better with the duck tape I have, which by the way I have done every day and will see how it goes.I crossed the 14,000 ft (4268m) today. Tomorrow I will be in new territory for me. The Tea House is a lot better tonight then last night but its much colder up here. Were above the tree line of course and without wood what do you burn in the stove. Well its Jobky pies. They don't smell that bad but when you watch the guides and porters picking the crap out of the cardboard box the use to carry it in from outside then going back to the kitchen and preparing the food you have to wonder. Somethings wrong, (Junior Watson Blues man). Also they won't light the fire until 5pm so they don't use up all the fuel (crap) so fast. Its a good thing but it gets cold from 3 to 5pm. The altitude is now noticeable. Every now and again you find yourself gasping for air and taking a deep breath. The dinning area is quite large here at this Tea House so the it takes a long time to heat up. Food here is the same as below. Some things I have to stay away from. The Potatoes have something in them that makes me nauseous. You don't want to eat the meet it might be the dog you kicked the day before. The rice and the eggs are about it for me. Bread if they have it. The Chinese stayed down the road at the nice place but we picked a fun couple from Italy and a single gal from Australia. All very fun to be with. We are going to spend to nights here to acclimate to the altitude. No one has said anything to me yet but I figure our guide will take us on another climb tomorrow. My heel is getting worse and I need to rest it. There is a critter up here which I have mentioned before called the Jobky. Its a cross between a Yak and a Cow. This thing is ugly. It is very strong and does all the heavy lifting at the lower altitudes. I'm told by my friend Krishna in Kathmandu that these beasts are used below 4000m (13,500ft) but were seeing them a little higher. They really crap all over the trail. You have to watch your step around here. I just had a chance to ask our guide about tomorrow and he said we will be going on a hike of about 500m tomorrow. When I asked where to he just pointed and said over there and walked away. I don't think he likes talking to me much. The Italian couple was sitting next to me and they said it seemed to much and were a little surprised by the way he walked away. I told them it was probably a good thing because the idea is to make it to base camp but my right heal was in bad shape and I might sit this one out.