Thursday, September 11, 2008

"left me standing there" 11/09/08 Day 56

The train is to leave at 4:57 am for Lausa which is about 2 hours south then I switch trains and get to Kalambaka about 12 noon. This is the plan which sounds good. I was able to figure a way to pack everything last night and I made the train station at 4:45 with time to spare. Now one was around except this maintenance worker cleaning the shitter. He saw me and I recognized him as the guy getting all the abuse from the station manager the day before. I waited under the lights for the train and was just thinking about what was to lye ahead of me when all of a sudden,

Bummer. The train went by without slowing and “left me standing there.” This by the way was 4:53 am so the damn train was early but I wasn’t told I was to walk out into the dark about 300 meters to a platform with no light. Now the station manger arrived about 20 minutes later and saw me and started swearing or something. He was pissed. The poor fool cleaning the shitter came out and took the heat for all of it. I couldn’t understand the words but I could understand that he was blaming the maintenance man. So then I was told that I have to come back tomorrow and make sure I get to the platform. I then had to wait until 7:30 am to change my ticket, got to wait for the ticket clerk, right. The whole thing was actually amusing. I found another cab and went back to the hotel where I had to tell the whole story and beg for my room again. They were very nice and let me have it for 7Euros cheaper. Not cleaned of course. I lay down and took a nap until 2 pm.

Well to kill some time I walked around the square for the 15 time and found a classic rock bar that I hadn’t noticed before. I wasn’t that great so I thought I would go by this pizza place that had caught my eye a few days earlier. I didn’t want to stay out late so I will take the pizza back to my room and watch some boring Greek TV. I’ve been loosing a lot of weight and I fill a little weak. I don’t know what I weigh but I can eat pizza. It will fill good not to eat a salad.

There is something I have learned through all this. It’s all about the communication. I have been trying to buy a decent cup of coffee from China to Greece and I always asked for brewed coffee. This always got me a blank stair. Today I found out that you need to ask for filtered coffee. You see its all about the commutation. This is quite a wasted day. You can tell because I’m righting about stupid things.


Note:  Looking back this is where I made a mistake. I should have just chilled out. I got impatient. This would cause me a lot of grief later. I even missed getting to King Philip’s Tomb which was close and would have only added two more days. I still don’t know way I felt like I had to get moving.