Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reunited with my beloved “Wheely Beast” 23-25/09/08 Days 68-70

Day 68 -70 (slide show)

There is going to be a little change now since I’m finally in Prague. I’m going to combine some days now that I’m going to stay here through the next 9 months. Of course that is if things stay as planed and I expect them to.

After reviewing my camera this morning during breakfast I’m still in somewhat of a state of shock. I don’t have a scale to weigh myself with but now looking in the mirror I think I’m in need of some rest and food. With a little luck I can kick this cold and that will help the situation. Today I am going to the airport to pick up the “Wheely Beast” which is the bag I shipped from Athens on day 49. I hope it doesn’t cause me any unforeseen problems. I have received an email that it is here in Prague but the Airport is a big place especially when you consider that it is at the Air Freight warehouse. Who knows where that the place is at?

As I planned out my adventure I was surprised to find that the Metro only makes it part way to the airport. Then I will need to transfer to a bus and the bus stop is not right at the Metro station. I will have to find it I guess. I set off at about 9AM and by 11AM I had at least talked to a person on the phone from the airport on the location. As in Athens it isn’t close so I’m walking.

After 3hr of waiting and 300Czk for the duty fee I had the “Beast” in my procession. I couldn’t wait to get back to the room and unpack it. I have forgotten what was in it for the most part. It’s like having a birthday party. WOW! There is another jacket and better shoes. I need those, now I don’t have to wear my boots all the time. O’ there is some socks too, I sure need these. Lot’s of things I need and to think I was going to leave them in Kathmandu or Athens. I’m glad I didn’t do that. Thanks Constantinos for the idea to Air Freight the bag here. It was worth it.

I’m going to head over to Miro’s again tonight. He says there is a great Dixieland Jazz Band starting at 8PM. It should be fun.

On the 24th I didn’t do much and it was a rainy cold day. I spent most of the day at the cybercafé or riding the city trains checking things out. Everyone here calls them Trams though, I will have to get used to that.

I did meet a guy tonight named Roman; he is Czech and a nice guy that couldn’t stop apologizing for his English. I told him my Czech was worse and I’m the one who should apologize because I’m in his country. He wants me to call him in a couple of days and I think I will.

No pictures today.

On the 25th I went out in search of new lodging. I need to move tomorrow and I have nothing lined up yet. I looked at cheaper pensions or hostels and even some apartments with no luck. All this I did from the cybercafé which is very close to where I’m staying but it is expensive. I’ve got to reevaluate my spending and get a handle on my budget. I have spent more then I wanted since leaving Athens. This and the fact that I have nowhere to sleep tomorrow are stressing me out a little. I need to get settled down soon. There has been a delay in getting the crate with my bikes due to Hurricane Ike that caused a lot of havoc in Houston. My bikes were on the train about a day away from Houston according to Moses, the shipping dude, so at least they weren’t sweep to sea like some things were. Got lucky there, but now it will be end Oct. before they arrive. That’s a month away and now I really wish I had made it to Croatia. But anyway I have no place to go tomorrow and it’s too late to find something so I will decide in the morning. It will work out.

Miro tells me there is a different band tonight so I will go check it out. I wish there wasn’t so much cigarette smoke in his place. That’s the only drawback and he doesn’t smoke. I made it an early evening, the band was good but I have too much on my mind. Three beers and a bite of food was enough.