Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Friends at REI

30 Days to Go (slide show)
I wanted to get a picture of everyone at work but I was told I couldn't get a employee list for some reason. I wasn't sure who I had a photo of or not and I couldn't get a list to compare too. So I'm sorry and apologize to all those I missed. I tried and I will keep trying until I leave. It was nice to meet all of you.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Itinerary for China and Pakistan

37 Days to Go
I received my new China and Pakistan itinerary today which had to be changed due to the problems in Tibet and the devastating earthquake in Chengdu. The changes still have me flying into Hong Kong but two days earlier. I will have to spend 24 hours in Hong Kong before the rest of the group arrives. This is very exciting.

Here is the itinerary.

Monday, June 9, 2008

New Air Itinerary

38 Days to Go
I spent the day working on my visa's and selling my furniture and art work. I did pretty good. I sure hope they don't lose my passport. I received the new air itinerary witch cost $230.00 more. It's alright because I figured a 20% higher price then I paid so I'm still inside the budget. This is a good post to look at.

(click on the title)



39 Days to Go
Its interesting how time works. I know that you can't loose time but where does it go. It seems I can't get enough done. I've been selling many of my personal items. With a little luck and some good Karma I've found a good home for most of it. I will be selling my car next week and that will be difficult. I don't want to sell to cheep but I might have to. My visa applications are in and I've got my new itinerary on the China segment so things are coming along. 30 day notice to the landlord and I will be gone. It will be nice to get out of this dump.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Always the expert

40 Days to Go
Its amazing to me how many people I meet who have traveled internationally that can't tell me about the banking fees. Its like they never look at their bills. I ran into a nice guy yesterday that said he travels to Europe and South America and just got back. Never said when. But all he could talk about was pickpockets. I told him that I was worried about Bankers. He was only worried about some kid in Chile stealing his underwear. I told him that the Bankers pick his pocket every time he swipes his card. Then he went into a rant about some kind of transaction fee that was $5 if he wanted cash. Maybe I said, but what about the currency conversion charge. What is that he mumbled. Come to find out he didn't know about the 3 to 5% charge and doesn't look at the bank statements that close. Turns out he paid several hundred dollars more then he thought. I asked him who was the pickpocket?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Things are really crazy now

45 Days to Go
There is a little stress now. The trip has been officially changed for the China section. The Total Eclipse is still on which is good but Tibet is out. Now I'm going to see the Terracotta Solders in Xi'an, then on to the Silk Road in northern China. Also included is a detour to Pakistan. I would have liked to see Tibet but this sounds just as exciting. The problem is I have to do some changing of my ticket. This could cost me some money and brain cells. The adventure basically has five segments. It's hard to concentrate on two to three at a time. If I pay a tour group for this section then they should do this. Anyway the ticket folks will handle it I hope. On top of all this is finding a solution to the Prague section. Getting my bike and gear to Prague is turning out to be the hardest part. I think it will be worth it. The days are going by fast and there is two much to do.