Sunday, July 20, 2008

Xi'an, the center of China 20/07/08 Day 3

My first full day with the group. Everyone is very pleasant and enjoyable. Well see how long that last because most people get a little feed up with me after a while. Yesterday we went to the Wall of the City. I was surprised how many folks went along because I had a good nights sleep but most of them had been traveling for 24 hours. They were tired. This morning we traveled to the Terracotta Solders which was quite interesting. I enjoyed this part. The bus ride was hard though. Later we visited a peasant family which I will talk about later. Here a few pictures. I have to go now and will get back soon.

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Dorothy said...

Dear Steve,
I love your blogs and am glad to read them. I am excited to read about your time in China. The pictures are great. I love you and look for your blogs everyday.