Friday, October 10, 2008

I’m a tourist again 10/10/08 Days 85-87

Day 85-87 (slide show)

This has been an uneventful day today. My roommate kindly let me use his laptop for a few hours which was nice. I didn’t have to go to the cybercafé. I’m feeling a little stronger now so I started my exercise routine again. I haven’t done it since Greece and it feel good. Here’s a little about my roommate. He is an English teacher here in Prague, nice guy. He loves to talk politics and is quite opinionated. I think he is 32 and he has been here since 2007. He’s from Chicago and hates Bush/Chaney which is nice but he doesn’t vote. I don’t get that.

I’ve been stalled on my blog for a while because I can’t decide what to do about Everest. I was all set to write a watered down version for the event until the Brit’s ambushed me but now I just can’t do it. I have always stuck to what I wrote in my log on the day it happened. I’m really having a hard time with this. Tomorrow I will send my log version to Paul and see what he says about it. They slammed him pretty bad too.

On Day 86 I decided to be a tourist again. The weather is great and makes a good day for pictures. Today I went exploring a small part of the river area around Prague. It feels good to be out and not worried about where I will be sleeping next. The bridge in the picture is just a small one that connects a large island in the river. It’s next to the National Museum and south of the Charles Bridge. Left of the castle is a big park that I will explore on another day. It’s called Petřínske Sady or Malá Strana I’m not sure which. It’s a big place though. I’m on the prowl for a place to buy a public transportation pass. I can save some money if I get a monthly pass instead of daily. Tomorrow is the last day of a World Press Photo Exhibition and I did find the place. It was quite fascinating and enjoyable. It was actually at the Charles University. There is a very nice museum in the basement of the place too. It turns out that Albert Einstein taught here in 1915 just before receiving the Nobel Prize. There are many great artifacts in the place. The university started in 1348 by Charles IV.

A great day today and I needed it. I miss my bikes and could have been riding all day today. Soon I hope.

On Day 87 My roommate let me use his computer again and I got a lot done on this blog. I sure do miss my computer. I am to meet up with Miro to talk about going out to his house in the country next week. He tells me there is a music festival out there and it sounds like fun. I’m not sure where we would go but it is going to be another leap of faith. I like going on adventures like that. You never know what will happen. No Pictures today as I spent most of the day on the computer.

One thing that happened which was interesting though. I don’t remember a place where the folks were so quite and reserved. They don’t acknowledge me when I’m walking by in fact they seem to look angry if their eyes catch mine as I tip my hat. It’s strange and has been on my mind a lot when I go out. Today though I think I figured it out. Most everyone has their head down all the time when walking and today I walked out of my building feeling good and listening to a good blues song on the IPod. I’m looking at the nice blue sky and the pretty lady going by when WHAM. I stepped in a pile of dog shit. Something’s Wrong (Junior Watson, Bluesman) Man was I was pissed off. What a way to ruin a good day. These fucking pet owners that can’t clean up after their dogs make me mad. Then it hit me. The good folks here in Prague are not being rude to me and my American smile there are keeping their heads down so they don’t step in the DOG SHIT! I get it, now I keep my head down too.