Friday, September 12, 2008

He called me Odysseus 12/9/08 Day 57

I’m going to try again to catch the 5:57 am train to Lahrsa. This should connect to the 7:25 train to Kalambaka. It should be easy for most folks but, not so fast this is Odysseus that we are talking about. I’m easily distracted.  “Now lets see” I’m thinking, “have I thought of all the possibilities.” I made sure I was on the platform even though it seemed so far away. I was standing in the dark for about 45 min because I was so early.

Alright, I made the train now I just have to make the connection in Lahrsa. Right away I realized that I couldn’t hear any anousments as we made stops along the way. I asked the Ticketmaster as he came around to let me know when to get off. He didn’t say much but gave me that look. “Tourist” he thought, I knew it too. I felt like I was going to make it though. The windows were so dark when I looked out the train car as we pulled up to the 4th stop which I was told might be the place to get off. Well let’s say I think I was told the 4th stop. I couldn’t really tell what the Ticketmaster said. So as we pulled up and people were getting out I asked in a loud voice “is this Lahrsa” all I got was a dumb look by everyone but this one lady as she was getting out of the train car. “No Luddaka” she said, so I sat down. I thought it was strange that a dozen people or so got off at a station that was so dark. I couldn’t see any lights and Lahrsa I was told was a big station. At this point the train started going backwards. I was pissed. Where was the Ticketmaster? I sat back down and pulled out my map. This other lady in the next seat was looking at me so I asked her by pointing to the city on the map. I sat next to her and she looked at it. She didn’t speak any English but she said something in Greek and then pointed at my glasses. She couldn’t see the map. Man, I’m in trouble now. (“Somethings Wrong” Junior Watson, Bluesman) I’m deaf, she is blind and we can’t talk to each other. As she squinted through my glasses at the map she pointed back and said “Lahrsa”. My jaw dropped, I missed it again. Now it is time for plan B. Where the F#%k is the airport? About that time the Ticket jerk came walking up and sees me sneering at him. He hits his head and said something in Greek then turns away. The nice blind lady pulled me back to the seat and pointed to the map. She still had my glasses on, “I think she wants me to follow her” At the next stop we both got out and she motioned to me to follow her.

She was amazed at all the gear I had on me and how long it took to gather it all. This was a small stop where there was no building just a walkway over the tracks witch we took. As were approached the other side she pointed at the ground and said something like “stay.” I felt like her pet. So I’m pondering the situation and thinking that I’m about to get to Lahrsa and have nowhere to stay. I could be sleeping on the ground by the tracks. I knew this would happen someday and I can handle it. So an hour later I was back to Lahrsa and now it is light. I can see way I missed it, the platform was 500 meters from the actual station. Now I have to mention that last night I got sick from some funky meat on the pizza I had so I wasn’t felling to well. Bad things are piling on me here. The Train Master in Katerini called me Odysseus’s and I was felling like I could be in this black hole for twenty years.

The problem is I need a new plan. I walked down the track to the station which was busy now and right out the front door. I saw a small park area and it looked like a good place to try to figure out what I should do. As I looked over this bad map I have I felt sick so I loaded up again and tried to find a toilet. I hope I don’t have to deal with another cleaning attendant. Afterward I ran into this nice guy that spoke a little Greek, he helped me with the train schedule. It turns out that a train for Kalambaka will leave at 2 pm and I can get on it. I had to go over and deal with the ticket counter again which was a problem but I managed it. I was still feeling sick and tired so I chilled out in a café across the street for a few hours. Finally I made the train and was on my way. When I arrived in Kalambaka I had no clue where to go for a room and I was very tired. It was 5:30 now and I figured I just spent almost 2 days getting here, what a bummer. I walked up this hill toward the small town and as I was passing a nice restaurant I saw a waiter cleaning up some tables. I asked him where a nice place would be to stay and he pointed down the street. “Try the Galaxy, just one street down” he said. I couldn’t believe my ears. He spoke very good English. The Gods were still with me. I guess Zeus was just slapping me around a bit because I was late for the party on Olympus. The Hotel Galaxy was a great spot and cheep too. I checked in, got the last room too, cleaned up. Then I headed up to the restaurant for a Greek salad. I’m ready to sleep now. Good night.