Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Brunch that Lasted all Day 10/1/09 Day 177

Day 177 (Slide show)

This is a day of getting together with friends for brunch which turned into an all day event. But on the way to the restaurant I had to make a stop at an outdoor shop close by my flat. I was trying to find out some information, like a scouting mission. I ended up booking the whole thing so here is the story. I heard that a few folks wanted to go to the Czech Mountains for a weekend at a lodge. As I started looking into it I found this could be a great adventure. My friend Andrew who went skiing with me in Italy lives on the other side of this mountain range in Poland. My plan is rent some mountaineering skis and skins, climb over the Czech mountains where Andrew would pick me up in Poland and we would drive back to Prague together on Sunday. Of course as usual my plans always explode into some kind of crazy adventure.

I walked into this outdoor store looking for equipment and advice on this hair brained Idea. The communication was a bit difficult but one guy spoke a bit of the old language. When I told him of my plan he got all wide eyed and thought it sounded fun. He had been up there several times but didn’t know anyone who had skied over Sněžka, the highest peak in Czech Rep, and into the Polish side. He told me not too many folks can find a ride back. It’s about 1 ½ hours to drive around and leave a car so nobody wants to do it. Quietly I’m thinking it has been done a lot. But it sounded good to me. Their equipment was pretty good as I had heard and their prices were good. He even helped me to get a reservation at a lodge for Thursday thru Sunday. I had the whole thing done in an hour.

As for the other folks I have learned that when you try to organize a group on something like an overnight in a ski area you might get 10% to show. So I figure that I will go a few days early to my own place and if they get their act together I will meet them for dinner. Their plan was for Friday and Saturday nights and already there is some dissention in the ranks.

So it looks like I’m off to the Krkonoše Mountains.

Well back to the brunch which was fun but I can’t remember much about it. I’m thinking about all the preparations I need to make. So take a look at the pictures and you can see the sleigh riding and after sleigh warm up in the bar for hot drinks and beer. I had lots of fun and meet a new friend named Benedicte Kjobstad. (Bene) A really nice lady from Bergen, Norway. She was surfing at another friend’s house and came to the brunch. We might go out and tour the city tomorrow if it isn’t too cold.