Friday, September 19, 2008

Innsbruck to Vienna 19/09/08 Day 64

I got up real early and headed for the train station. It was cold and a little overcast which forced me to almost have to run even with all my gear to stay warm. I meet a very nice ticket clerk and she helped me to secure a train ticket to Vienna with a three day layover then north to Prague. I think the price was pretty good, 87.00 Euros, and that’s on the fast train. The only problem at the station was a minor glitch that ended up costing me some money later in Vienna. This nice lady told me to go over to another area and check with this travel agent sitting about 20 meters from where we were at. This guy would get me a reservation for a pension in Vienna and the price would be cheaper if we connected it to the train ticket. Well I went to see him and I was the first person at his counter. He was feeling very good, hang over I guess, and he didn’t want to speak English. Needless to saw I didn’t get the reservation. Enough said about that guy.

I got a nice cabin with an assigned seat and some friendly folks for the 3 hour ride. The station was under construction and there were a lot of folks milling about, it was difficult to find the travel assistant. It turned out that I had to go to the city center office due to the construction. With a map and my compass I found the office after about an hour. Vienna was very cold walking around much colder then Innsbruck was. All I could think of was getting to a café for a cup of coffee.

As it turns out the Austrian Travel Office will book a place for you at no charge which is just what I needed because I didn’t want to run all over looking for a room. I took a few shots while walking to my pension which was expensive but I just wanted a room. No problem paying more here. I wasn’t feeling very good and I wanted a hot shower fast. My room was small but just right for what I needed. There was a small market close by so I just stayed in the room for the day and sleep. Tomorrow I will figure out where I am.