Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back in Kathmandu Day 37 23/08/08

Day 37
I had breakfast with my friend Arjun this morning. He came to the hotel to meet me. The hotel scheduled a local Temple tour around Katthmandu but I had already seen them during the week before the rest of the group arrived. They didn't want me around anyway. They weren't to happy with Paul either but he went. He wanted to see the Monkey Temple and get a taste of the city. It was nice of Arjun to come over and get me. As we walked to his office and he told me all the latest news. As it turns out he was made General Secretary of the Porters Progress and Krishna is being put on the payroll to help out in the office. As we were walking he asked me to help out with some people he wanted to talk to about getting some donation money. We talked to a travel agency and a restaurant and talked for sometime about a plan to keep steady flow of revenue coming in. I was glad to learn that my donation had kept them in their offices and helped them get on track again. Arjun told me he was given the appointment because of me but I think he was just trying to make me fill good. Its amazing what just a little money can do here. I didn't give that much just $150.00 and some of my time. Tomorrow were to meet the rest of the members of the Porters Progress because they have something for me. So after spending most of the day with him working on plans and meeting people I was pretty tired. I started back to the hotel around 4pm but didn't realize I was so far away. It took me about an hour to get here. I just realized I didn't take any photo's today. I think that's a first.

Here are Paul Syer's photo's from the Everest Base Camp Trek.
Thanks Paul