Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chyaagboche Day 27 13/08/08

Day 27 (slide show)
The climb was 6hr today which was hard because my heel is real sore. Its the right foot. Fortunately its not much worse then yesterday but I don't feel confident it will stay that way. The last time I had a problem like this both heals got double blisters on them and it took weeks to heal. We rolled into Chyaagboche about 3pm today and it had been raining for about an hour. This is where there is a Baddest Temple that is quite nice. Imangian that everything in and on the Temple was carried by Porter or Jobky/Yak. Right across from the entrance is the Tea House we are to stay at. The place looks like it came right out of the 15th century. There was a screw up at a Tea house up the trail and a group of Chinese, maybe 15 or so had a reservation there. Someone forgot to tell them that it was closed so they got lodging at the place we were at. Also there was a couple from Israel who were very nice. We spent several hours playing cards and talking about places we have been. That's not all there was a Spanish group of 7 or 8 who were staying there to. At dinner it was like a UN meeting. We had the Brit's an Irishman a Yankee several Nepalese, then you have the Chinese group how might have been from Taiwan because the one guy I meet wes from Taipei and then The Spanish and these were just the folks I meet. These Spaniards were a great group. There were very friendly and loved to talk with me. They did have a problem though, they were loosing there group along the trail. It was because of injury or stomach illness. That's one thing you have to be careful of is the food and water. At this place the food was the worst yet. Its hard to tell what is going to be safe to eat. I have Cipro and a lighter weight medicine but if you start to get sick from the food or the water then it can ruin your chances to get to Base camp. On this night I didn't feel very good so after a few hours of talking and playing cards I turned in. This is my third night and I not sure what happened but in Kathmandu I had a roommate, John from Dublin but when we got on the mountain two nights ago I had a room to myself. Last night I thought there was a screw up but now I'm not sure. Because the place is so crowded I'm sharing with a guy named Paul. He's a nice guy and we seem to get along alright.