Thursday, January 22, 2009

Riding on Ice 22/1/09 Day 189

Day 189 (Slide show)

Well it’s been three days since I returned from the Czech Mountains and I’m now recovered. I was very sore which seems to be what happens to me after these extravagant adventures. I’m getting old I guess and don’t heal up so fast. It’s very exciting though and I enjoy it. There isn’t much to tell today except I wanted to show a few pictures of my bike ride today.

The sun was out and it looked so warm. I was looking out my window this morning and I thought that spring had finally come. The weather site on the computer said it was 2C and below my flat I could see the payment was dry so I said to Betsy “Lets Ride.” She was ready too. I could hear her giggle as I walked her down the hallway. Well I got just down the hill from my flat and hit the shade where it was wet. Have you ever gone downhill on a bike where there was black ice under you? It scared the shit out of me. I didn’t see it until I was on it. At least I knew better then to put on the brake. I turned up a side hill under an overpass and got stopped.

Well I took these pictures and went back to the flat. I will have to wait for another day. Hell it’s only January I’ve got six weeks to wait.

On another note I want to say that I broke one of my cardinal rules yesterday. I’ve done this before and I always feel very bad for weeks later. I wish someone would invent a devise to turn back the clock, even if it is just a few minutes.

If you wondering this is the rule. “Never hit the send button on an email at night after you had too much wine.” I wrote a couple of really bad and stupid emails last night. For anyone out there that has received one of these thoughtless attempts to express myself please except my apology. I can’t promise I won’t do it again but I am working on this problem. I see now that Google has a moron gadget that will not send an email after a certain hour; I’m going to turn this on.