Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Betsy is a Bit Frisky" I Warned You 29/3/09 Day 255

Day 255 (Slide show)
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This week has been the best week so far for riding. I'm sure glad to because I'm getting a bad case of cabin fever. The week started with a forecast I saw on Monday showing that the temperature was going to get to 16C by Saturday. That is double the current temperature. This means I have to get busy and decide on my first road tour. I have three places in mind but haven't committed yet. Also Renee needs a check up. Thanks to my friend Rob I was able to repair the front brake problem incured during shipping.
Special Note: A few weeks ago my camera sling that holds the camera around my shoulder had a malfunction. I sent an email to the company and they sent me a new one here in Prague for free. I want to give this company some much deserved space on my blog.
Check out the link. "PacsafePacsafe Anti-Theft Bags & Travel Security"
I have gone half way around the world taking over 4000 pictures so far and this nice piece of camera security has saved my camera from getting lost or damaged so many times. Also it has allowed me to take a lot more pictures then if I had to take it out of a pack every time. This is what I have. The phone and camera strap.
These folks shipped me a new one which cost 15.50 USD. The price of the strap is only 9.99USD.
Now that's customer service. I have several other items from these folks with me right now on this adventure. This is a great company.
As I mentioned last week, Betsy has had a shifting problem. I did my best down on my special bike stand. The one on the tire, but I need better tools and I found a place this week. A small Czech bike shop Eurobike . The owner Pavel doesn't speak very much English but we managed and he saw right away what I show him. He had the right tools to get the derailleur adjusted and then he gave the whole bike a tuneup. Betsy was feeling real good. This only cost me 300CZK. (15.00USD) So this has been a good day and the weather is getting warmer.
On Friday I had the best day for riding yet. I toured all over the city. Wow, the cobblestones and curbs really suck. Another funky thing is the steps that come out of nowhere. It seems I'm always stopping to lift the bike up a curb or carry Betsy down some steps.
But it is nice to get out and check out the city. The traffic here isn't much different then California. Drivers all over the world want to kill you I guess. All day riding around the city I saw a lot of young tourists. I guess it is the discount time because of the weather. The pre-season crowd.
It seems like I'm riding everyday this week which is nice. I need to get used to the traffic and the bike path signs. It is easy to get lost if you don't watch for them. These signs are missing or posted in crazy spots a lot. I happen to bring a spare set of tires that are a bit wider and softer. I can tell already the I going to have to put them on Renee. The narrow 90psi tires on her now would be alright but not as nice as these others that are 70psi and wider. I bought them on the last day to, what a good move.
On Sunday I told a friend of mine from Moscow to go riding with me. His name is Pavel and I thought I would let him ride Betsy and I would take Renee out together. I warned him right off the bat the Betsy was a bit frisky. "Be careful" I said. Of course she threw him, right over the top too. He was alright but it spooked him I think. Everything was alright and there wasn't any damage.
I for one crashed too. I was waring my clip shoes and got caught in an intersection where the traffic stopped. I was going to cross over and a car got in front of me and down I went. No damage though. I have learned to fall correctly. Lots of good pictures here and some wacky videos for you.