Friday, October 17, 2008

“We know nothing” The US Embassy 17/10/08 Day 91, 92

Day 91, 92 (slide show)

I made it back to the US Embassy today. If you remember they brushed me off a couple of days ago. I needed to get some questions answered about my status here. The folks that work there are Czech and really don’t care if they help you or not. I got more information from a lady waiting to speak to someone about another matter. It was a complete waste of time. I will complete this day off the blog when I return to the states. I did get a few more pictures of some of the city and today I received some good news. I think I will have my bikes in about two weeks. I like getting out early; it’s a good time to see the city.

On Day 92 I settled a few nagging problems that have been bothering me. I got in touch with the Citibank people for free. The new cybercafé I’m using has Skype. I noticed it the other day and it sure helps. I’ve spent over $100.00 trying to clear up my stolen CC situation.

For the most part I spent the day in the cybercafé working on this blog. It’s quite an endeavor. Just today alone I spent 189.00CZK for about 4 hours of work. That is about $12.00. It gets expensive. Another Item that has been bothering me is the procedure for getting my bikes. I’m hearing all kinds of horror stories about the customs office here. I sent an email to the office in Hamburg, Germany where my gear is at now. I need some instructions but I will have to wait a little longer.