Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Magic of “The Lennon Wall” Day 115-117 9/11/08

Day 115-117 (slide show 1) (slide show 2) (video)

I got in late last night and it was hard to get up. I hate that too. As I was making coffee my roommate Charlie made a piece offering and I excepted so while cooking my breakfast I made a little extra for him. We will see how long it lasts though.

It’s Sunday and so the warehouse is closed. I haven’t heard any news about my gear and it’s quite depressing. After cleaning up I took the tram down to the city and checked a cybercafé for any news from any one but nothing. In a few months no one will know I’m alive. I’m fading fast. Its great weather again today and no bikes to ride. I’m looking at maybe Tuesday or Wednesday now.

On Day 116 I did my usual thing at the Bohemia Bagel then I noticed on the computer that a guy named Jacob from San Diego was in town. He is a Couchsurfer and looking for someone to see the sites in the city with. There were no emails from the warehouse on my gear so I sent him a message to meet at “The Lennon Wall.” I figured we would see someone else there and make a group of it. It’s a funny thing about the “Wall,” you never know what is going to happen there. We meet at 1:30 and sure enough there were things happening. Ricardo who lives here in Prague showed up and we meet two nice ladies from Mexico Miss Ana Rubies and Miss Melina Zertuche, both were very nice and I enjoyed the company. Also I meet a new friend from Spain. His name is Daniel Tordera Salvador. He was kind enough to send me his pictures of his trip to Prague. You can look here. He has a good eye and did a great job on them. (Daniel 1) (Daniel 2) (Daniel 3) Everyone except Ricardo and I had never meet before. It’s the “Wall.” Magical things happen there. We all toured around the Castle area for a few hours then started to split up. It was a good afternoon but my mind is all cramped up. I can’t concentrate. (Slide show 1 is the pictures for today)

On Day 117 Jacob and I meet again to see some other areas of the city. I was pretty depressed today. At least being out with Jacob today kept my mind off of my dilemma.

There is this back doorway that gives a sneak peak of the Jewish Cemetery. All you get is a small hole but it is better then paying the fee to get inside around the front. We also found a crazy Medieval Bar/Restaurant that was fun. Jacob wanted to try the Galosh and they had a special on the dish. I’ve had it a few times but it isn’t that great. When we walked up we saw the dummy under the building, it was funny. That’s actually why we went in.

I can feel I’m getting slow and gaining a little weight now so tomorrow I will get back to my exercise routine. (Slide show 2 is the pictures for today)