Monday, September 15, 2008

Bologna, Italy - a fateful decision 15/09/08 Day 60

Day 60  (slide show)

What a long night this has been. Most of the mom’s were sleeping on the floor with the babies which made it hard to step around them. I couldn’t blame them though the crew made it hard on everyone by not letting anyone fall asleep in the lounge or dinning areas. I got up around three to catch some air and it was like a zombie movie as dozens of folks just walked around in circles to stay awake. The upgraded “Airline Seats” area where I was had way more people then seats. It was crowded, and uncomfortable.

I found a map of Italy on a wall near the galley area and it looks like my friend in Kalambaka sent me to the wrong city. Ancone is to far north to reach Dubravnik and might be hard to reach Split which is way north in Central Croatia. I can’t find anyone to here on the boat to ask and what good would it do anyway.

Things got worse when I got off the boat too, I didn’t know where to go. The dock area is not very conducive to finding lodging. I saw the three guys who were hiding on the deck and they looked like they knew where to go so I just followed them. I walked about 3 Kilometers around buildings and down streets staying just behind them. They ended up in the train station, which looked good but I needed to get to a ferry office to get to Split. I walked around in a daze for about an hour. I saw an internet café so I went in and spent some money to figure things out but with no luck. That’s when I decided to ask these three guy’s if the new where I could find the ferry office. No one I could find spoke English but these guys did. What a break this was.

As it turned out they where going to Germany and had been in Greece for two weeks. They were students on break and were heading home. After talking with them I made a fateful decision. I bought a ticket for Bologna instead of finding a ferry for Croatia. I’m in deep trouble now. I have gotten off the plan. What lies ahead for me when I am lost? I am going to have to come up with a plan B. I thought about just staying in Ancona but I was very tired and I couldn’t find anything. I figured the odds were better if I stick with these guys. I messed up bad that afternoon but I’m glad I found those new friends.

So I’m in Bologna now and the lodging is expensive, I had to walk a long way to find a place. Now where do I go? I’m winging it at this time and I don’t like that. There is a city in Northern Croatia called Trieste that I can still make by train or I can go to Innsbruck. I wasn’t going to flip a coin; I’m not that crazy yet. I decided on Innsbruck because I can do Croatia later after I get to Prague. Another thing is it is getting cold and all my cold weather gear is in Prague waiting for me. I also fill I need to keep moving north, I don’t know why. So Innsbruck it is, I will get a ticket tomorrow. I know one thing is I have to get out of this dump.