Monday, July 28, 2008

My last night in Pakistain 28/07/08 Day 11

I couldn't sleep so I got up early and breakfast was ready with good coffee. I eat by myself which was nice and quite. There is too much food on this tour. I didn't eat last night. About the folks on this trip. They are all very intelligent, way over my head. Not only do they know what they are talking about but they can site the facts most of the time. Because of my bad hearing I have to be careful to not stick my foot in my mouth. This hotel is at 7700 ft. Tomorrow we return to China over the pass again. I must prepare for a long bus ride over a bad road/trail. I hope I can shake this cold by then. I'm sure having trouble with the pictures. I can't seem to get a fast enough connection around here. It's frustrating. About 11am we went to the Biltit Fort that looks over the Village. It was the actually the house of the Khan of the day until the British arrived. The so called Fort was never attacked and was the residence of the man in charge at the time. Great afternoon and evening though. We took jeep to a hotel called "Island in the Sky and went trekking way up the side of a mountain looking over Karimabad. It was about 4hr and felt good to hike a little. My hip injury is getting better and this was the first test on it. Notice that I'm waring my Keen sandals. They have been a great pair of walking shoes. While coming down off the mountain we came across a poppy field. Imagine that, a poppy field in Pakistan. Later we had a very nice farewell party with our new friends from Pakistan. There was dancing and we had a live band of Pakistani musicians which were great. I'm sure the Mulberry wine had something to do with it. It seems that Pakistan is a dry country for the most part but they make a great home brew. I had a great time here and wish all our new friends a happy and long life. Two new friends I need to mention are Abbas Ali and his cousin Talib Hussein. Two new friends that I will not forget.

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