Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Alps, Innsbruck, Austria 17/09/08 Day 62

Day 62  (slide show)  

After a mediocre breakfast of boiled eggs and bread I was still hungry. This Pension wasn’t that bad but I was pretty hungry. At least the juice was good. Again I needed to find a laundry and of course this place doesn’t offer this service. So I’m off to tour the area in search of the laundry mate. After about an hour I did fid the only one in the area I was told. It was actually pretty nice. I finished all my chores by 11am. I was feeling better so I tried to see some local sites. It’s very difficult to figure out where I was going on these streets because my eyes are getting worse. The maps and so small I can’t read the names and here in Innsbruck the names of the streets are crazy long. They need to use numbers or something. I found this real nice river that went right thought a park close by the Pension. But after a few hours I was getting tired again so I headed back towards my room. As I was walking through some small streets and I found an outfit store. I went right in and there it was a fuel can with the right size threaded nozzle on the top. It was expensive but I had been looking for a long time for one of these. The prices on the rest of the equipment were very high too. I mean triple or more for what you would pay in REI. But I have my fuel can and that is a good feeling. I also found a good cheep local restaurant for a nice dinner and then turned in early. I can explore the city tomorrow.