Monday, July 21, 2008

Xi'an to Dunhuang to Urmichi 21/07/08 Day 4

 Day 4 (slide show)
Checked out today and off to see a Buddhist Temple. It's the Largest in China. There is a drizzle rain out but its not to bad. I've got the Sea to Summit poncho that I want to try. I enjoyed the peace and the tranquility here. It was interesting. I was told it was a last minute decision to go. Board another plane and off to Urmichi in North China. At the airport the security search Arlan's luggage and he was holding two bottles of open scotch. We had to help him drink it for lunch. It only cost me 5 yen to get the guard to search him. Flew over part of the Gobi Desert landing in Junjing for a stop then off to Urmichi. Had a late dinner and I was whining a little because I thought the day was too busy. I need to find a computer. I'm having "BIT WITHDRAWALS."