Thursday, September 4, 2008

The "Wheely Beast goes ahead 4/09/08 Day 49

Day 49 
This is a big day. One that I knew would come way back when I was planning this adventure. I have too much gear. It’s alright when you’re on planes and trains but walking and hitching it will not do. I thought about leaving some in Kathmandu but that didn’t turn out and now I don’t want to leave it in Athens. Most of it is cold weather gear and some camping items. So I was mentioning it to Costantinos and he said why don’t you take it to the airport and ship it to Prague. Great Idea I thought. So I packed it up in the “Wheely Beast” and headed to the airport. I don’t have a phone or a computer I just went, what do I have to loose. If it works it works. I’ve done this several times on this adventure and it seems to work out. Anyway I have the Gods with me. I had a dream last night that they were calling me to the mountain.
So the Wheely Beast super duffel from REI is an unbelievably good piece of gear. It holds 7,200 cubic inches and I had it packed to the limit. I’m heading to the airport going through the neighborhoods and into the metro then I had to take a cab to the shipping zone. I thought the cab driver was going to have a heart attack when he lifted it into the trunk of his cab.
After walking from DHL to UPS I found Swiss Port. These places are not close together. I spent three hours in the hot sun walking from one place to another, always dragging the “Wheely Beast” over curbs and across parking lots. And of course Swiss Port needs a broker so they sent me to Gold Air for the paperwork. This place is back to where the UPS office was at. But I pulled it off with only a few language problems. It cost me 115.00 Euros plus the cab and metro for 130.00. This price included two weeks of storage in Athens and two week in Prague. (Maybe) I also sent an email off to my friend Moses at ETC Shipping, “send my crate off to Prague” I said. He thinks it will take five to six weeks so that will be just right. It looks like everything is on the move. Its time to “Ramble on”.