Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Namche Bazaar to Phokading Day 34 20/08/08

Day 34 (slide show)
We left Namche Bazaar at 8am for a short 4 1/2 hour day we were told. It took us 6hrs. When I asked our guide how long the day would be he said 4 to 41/2 but maybe he thought I meant to the lunch break or something. Whenever I ask him a question he is vague and unclear. Always walking away from me. I'll be glad to get away from this jerk. I don't know how many times I've asked him to keep me informed but I always have to ask him what's going on. Anyway the rain came early. It started at 12:30 instead of the normal 2pm. I don't mind the rain except it does make the trail slippery. You have to take care and watch your step. Most injuries happen on the way down. As Paul and I were walking down the trail we were looking at this mountainside to the left. It was quite green and plush with vegetation. I was pointing to this little farm and noticing how nice it looked. Then all of a sudden we see this big piece of rock fall off above the place. It was quite a loud noise. Below this farmer in the house you see in the picture comes running out trying to get out of the way. The rock and trees that fell stopped just short of his house. As we stood there for a moment the dust was floating above the area then a small waterfall started from the spot. That guy was quite lucky. He came within a few meters of loosing his house and maybe his life. I wonder what he was doing just before he heard the sound. I'll bet he went and changed his pants after the sound. Finally made it to Phokading where we spent our first night. It was strange walking into place again. It seems like I was just here. Well its time to eat this lousy food again Can't wait to get to the hotel in Kathmandu. Both Paul and I were thinking today how nice it would be to get some fruit.