Thursday, March 5, 2009

“Brad Huff Bluesman” at the Saint Nicholas Café, Prague 5/3/09 Day 231

Day 231 (Slide show)

A couple of nights ago I was told that a good Bluesman named Brad Huff was going to play at this club down in the city. This is a guy I had run into several weeks ago and I really wanted to find the right night to see him. He plays several gigs around the city each week but this place the Saint Nicholas Café is suppose to be the best. He is only there on Tuesdays. I received some good information because he was very good and the St. Nicholas has great pizza with good prices. The place is owned by a Yankee named Kevin and he told me a great story about how he was here in Prague as an exchange student the day the soviet army came to town in 1968. But I wanted to tell you about Brad Huff and the Saint Nicholas Cafe. Maybe someday later I will tell you about Kevin.

Today was the best day for riding I’ve had. It is about 9c and I rode about 4 hours. There are several new pictures of the river and some of the bike path to the city. I can tell right know that I’m going to have to change the tires on Renee. Her rubber is a bit to narrow for these rough trails. The weight I will be having on the Randonee I will need something a bit wider and softer. I brought an extra set of tires which I bought at the last minute. I’m sure glad.

My skiing friend Andrew sent me an email yesterday and said he was putting together a trip to Switzerland. He didn’t give me much information other then I would need a sleeping bag and pad. It looks like we will be Couchsurfing to save some money. It’s a good thing because it’s expensive there I hear. He has been very busy with school so I didn’t get very many details. Were going to a place named Films/Laxx. I’m leaving tomorrow.