Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I’m back on the saddle again 18/11/08

Day 124 (slide show)

I got up early today so that I could get to the bike store early. I needed to get the bike pump quick. Even though its only 6C I can ride today if I have some air for the tires. A bike pump and a little chain oil was all I needed before heading for my flat. By noon I was out riding “Betsy the Buzz” she is my fast city bike that will do well around here with the hills. After riding for over an hour I can feel I need to get back in shape. My legs are burning and I’m gasping for air. But it feels good; my ass needs to get back in shape too, ouch. I was last on the bike on July 11 so I guess I’m going to be a little soft.

After a few adjustments with the brakes and derailleur’s, Betsy was purring like a kitten. I stopped in a park and planted my camera in a tree to get these shots. It was quite funny for these two local ladies who were walking as they saw me set the camera then hurry to ride out in front of it. I would do these circles and they couldn’t figure it out. It is a nice day to ride even though I’m very cold.