Sunday, September 14, 2008

The "Superfast" ferry to Italy 14/09/08 Day 59

We’ll I’m on the road again. I caught the bus to Ioannona and then changed to a bus for Igoumennitsa. It was smooth transition and there were no mistakes on my part. Even the Igoumennitsa bus stopped at the dock where I am to meet the ferries. I thought I would have to walk or take a cab so this is perfect. I saw a nice little dinner close by and I had about 6 hours to kill so I went in for my last Greek Salad. Just about the time I ordered a freak storm came rolling in. There was lighting right next to me, maybe 200 meters away and wind that took the tables and everything on them away. The owner and waitress were trying to hold everything down as well as they could while taking orders. They were having a hard time until me and these five other guys started to help them. We all moved inside where I found out that these guys were on their way to a port in south Greece to pick up a sail boat and sail it to Italy. They said the boat was a large 45ft, which would have been fun to be on. They were in there 20’s and I told them that they would not forget such a trip. I didn’t write down your names guy’s so I apologize for not remembering.

After finishing my salad with a little dirt in it I worked my way to the dock. The ferry is to depart at 8pm and I’m ready. I have the upgraded seats but I find when I arrive that the seats are in a small room with mothers and small children all over the place. The seats didn’t recline and there wasn’t any place to store my bags. I think I’m in for a long night.

It’s now 11pm and I just took a tour of the boat. Its quite big and a lot of people. There are three guys that have found a place behind a dinning room door out on the deck which looks like a great place. These guys have there bags rolled out and were making soup when I found them. I think they have done this before. Now as I return to my upgraded seat I find that someone is in it and there is a lady changing a diaper in the row ahead. Damn I’m going back outside.