Saturday, June 7, 2008

Always the expert

40 Days to Go
Its amazing to me how many people I meet who have traveled internationally that can't tell me about the banking fees. Its like they never look at their bills. I ran into a nice guy yesterday that said he travels to Europe and South America and just got back. Never said when. But all he could talk about was pickpockets. I told him that I was worried about Bankers. He was only worried about some kid in Chile stealing his underwear. I told him that the Bankers pick his pocket every time he swipes his card. Then he went into a rant about some kind of transaction fee that was $5 if he wanted cash. Maybe I said, but what about the currency conversion charge. What is that he mumbled. Come to find out he didn't know about the 3 to 5% charge and doesn't look at the bank statements that close. Turns out he paid several hundred dollars more then he thought. I asked him who was the pickpocket?

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